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About Hexicom Powerline Adapter

Easy implementation of home network coverage

Hexicom BPL solution use powerline to transfer network signals. Users can easily implement expansion and coverage of IPTV and WIFI signals through simple configuration.

Easy Installation

Powerline adapter units can make you to create a network using the existing electrical wiring within your home/office. Your data will transmit from one Powerline adapter to another. No ethernet cable are required. Connect your PC or cell phone to the Powerline adapter by ethernet cable or WiFi then you can use high speed reliable network. Plug And Play

Multiple functions

Powerline connection quality indicator,WiFi on/off switch, WiFi sleep , WiFi output power control, user black and white list etc.

Professional development team

More than 10 years experience in powerline adapter R&D. No.1 market share in Carriers in China.

Unique link diagnostic function

The transmission quality between powerline adapter will affect the stability of network signals. In order to provide users with a better network experience, we have developed a link diagnosis function.

It can show the quality of the connection between the master and the extender by percentage numbers. If you find that their percentage is less than 60, check the master and/or extender’s plug position, insert the power line adapter into the wall socketas possible, and avoid inserting other devices (especially mobile phone chargers, LED lights, etc.) into the same outlet or the same wiring board. Or try to switch on at different places.

If the index is still low, it may be that household power lines are aging and electrical interference is high (such as LED lights, high-power appliances).

Commonly(Need Check)40%
Weak(Need Check)20%
  • Step1

    The upper network equipment connects the network line to the Master WAN

  • Step2

    Connect the Hexicom powerline adapter network to the Web for network configuration.

  • Step3

    In areas where there are no networks or weak signals,plug power line adapters to a wall outlet

  • Step4

    The terminal connects the powerline adapter network and begins to access the Internet.

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